Starting Your Own Blog is Difficult?

Let Our Team of Designers Help You Setup Your Blog 100% Free

Our top-notch blog setup service (previously paid service) is gone Free. If you landed this page, you are the lucky guy to  Request Free Blog Setup. Our team of professional designers will design your blog/website for free. Beautiful & SEO Optimized to pull tons of traffic.

Request a Free Blog Setup!

    How to Start a Blog?

    We have made the blogging starting for you, really easy. Just choose a topic, Register your blog name and send us details. Our team of professional bloggers, designers and programmers will coordinate with you and create your own blog in couple days. How easy is that? Yes, you won’t have to spend lot of time to learn about blog starting techniques and finally feel lazy.

    Once you send us your Blog Name details, We will install & setup your blog with appropriate WordPress plugins and template for a better design of your blog. Our secret recipe to start a successful blog will help you make the foundation of your blog really powerful. This helps you further get good number of blog readers on your blog.

    Create Your Blog Now!

    STEP 1

    Chose a Name for Your Blog

    Before you start your blog, you need to choose a name for your blog. That will be similar to You also need to buy a web space where your blog resides. Everything is explained well and made easy for you. Just click the button below for more info.

    STEP 2

    Send us Your Details

    Once you have registered your blog name and web hosting space, You need to send us the details sent to your email by web hosting company. This detail will be used to setup your blog on your server. You need not to worry about it, our team will handle all of the things.

    STEP 3

    Your Website/Blog is Done

    Our team will coordinate with you while Designing & Programming your blog/website. We will design a logo for your blog and design your blog in couple days. Once your website is done, our team will send your details. You can now write your first blog post.

    Service Features


    WordPress, now a days is playing key role in blogging industry. We leverage it’s power to build websites and blogs for our users. You will get your blog/website built by us, using WordPress.

    Best Design

    Our team of designers will get your best design for your blog/website. All sites/blogs designed by us completement the latest web design standards. Our Customers love our designs.

    SEO Optimized

    What if you have a great looking site with lot of good contents but it does not appear in search engines? We optimize each website build by us for search engines. Hence, a good traffic can be received on your website/blog.

    Speed Optimized

    PageSpeed is the #1 criteria to rank your website in search engines. We build websites/blogs which load faster in user’s browser and also makes search engines happy.

    Security Features

    Our team will build robust security features to make your WordPress Blog / Website more secure and less vulnerable to hackers. So you will get a fully secured website/blog designed by us for you.


    You get dedicated support from our technical staff 1 to 1. This makes sure that the goal of your satisfaction will be achieved. We always listen to our customers, let us start communication now!!

    Start a Blog Now!

    Free spots are ending soon

    We have limited spots available. So never loose your chance to get your website/blog designed/programmed/configured 100% Free of cost.

    Starting a Blog is Made Easy for You

    Want to Start a Blog?

    Starting a self hosted blog has been never easier than now. You never need to empty your wallet for web designers. WP Blog Help does it all for you 100% free.

    If you are a newbie and want to write your first blog post on your self hosted blog, We can surely help you get most out of a WordPress blogging software. Especially, its best when you have nothing to pay us for Blog Setup Service.

    What Includes in Our Blog Setup Service?

    Our blog setup service includes installation of WordPress blogging software on your web server. We install beautiful WordPress themes available free at WordPress. This service also includes Essential WordPress plugins to make your blog, secure, flexible, social, SEO optimized and much more.

    We also help you set your online shop using WordPress and WooCommerce plugin. Building an online shop includes all necessary configurations including payment gateways and shipping.

    Security is Top Priority for Us

    You write really awesome contents and create beautiful photos. This adds to your online authority. There are several Hackers online, who unlock doors and intrude into someone’s blog and steal their authority.

    We highly focus on your blog security so hackers won’t be able to enter into your website/blog without permissions.

    How We Help More Than Others?

    Our team of professional blog designers and programmers can surely help you start a successful blog which ranks well in search engines and you get huge traffic for free.

    We make sure that each blog is optimized for search engines as well as human readers. Over the course of 14 years, we know, what a successful blog needs. So we configure WordPress for people who want to start a blog which makes them really a successful blogger and makes them money.

    From The Blog


    1. How does it work?

    You can just submit the request form here and one of our team members will contact you asap to pick up details.

    2. Why do you design blogs/websites 100% free for people?

    Our team has real love for WordPress, we want people to love it’s security, design, functionality and flexibility. More ever, We do not charge people for web design or blog design, however, we still get a little money to keep things running.

    3. Who qualifies for free website/blog designing service?

    All newbies and professionals, who need a website/blog for their business or personal needs but have not yet registered a domain name and web hosting.

    4. How your team earn something to keep things going?

    Our team has real love for WordPress, we want people to love it’s security, design, functionality and flexibility. More ever, We do not charge people for web design or blog design, however, we still get a little money to keep things running.

    5. Do you design complex websites for free as well?

    o, Our aim is to help people who have small business or need to run a personal blog. So if you are a dentist, lawyer, crossfit owner or like that. You are eligible to get free website/blog design and setup.

    6. Does this require me something to pay you?

    No, its absolutely free of charge unless you ask us with complex website functionality .