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How to Setup WordPress for Leverage Browser Caching

While the internet speed is increased in the whole world in the last 10 year, People tend to engage on websites which load quickly in their browser. Google and other major search engines started favouring websites which load fast in user’s browser. Several industry leaders in internet marketing, researched and found that users won’t wait for a website which take 3 or more seconds to open in their browser.

How to Get 38,503 Visitors to Your Blog in a Month

Publishing a blog on popular niche is really easy. Getting traffic to your blog is really hard task. Several people have written guides to improve traffic to your blog or website. Therefore lot of the methods available on the internet are really much hard or does not work for you.

I have decided to write a guide on “How to Get 38,503 Visitors to Your Blog in a Month“. This guide includes my personal experience with one of my blog started a year ago with not traffic. Read this guide to start getting tons of traffic to your blog.

How to Make Money Blogging for Beginners
How to Make Money With a Blog for Beginners [Actionable Guide]

Many people are searching internet about “How to Make Money With a Blog for Beginners”. There are several methods to make money using the power of internet. However, the most popular method to start making money is using blogging. If you have passion to write or blog about some specific topic, You should better start blogging to make money.

Blogging career has let many people leave their day job. If you are one of the passionate writers, you can leave your day job too. Start reading this Step-by-Step guide which walks you from setting up a blog from scratch to building huge money making empire.

How to Create a Free Website for Small Business

Leveraging the power and flexibility of WordPress, it’s lot easier to create your own websites/blog without hiring any designer. Fortunately, WordPress is not as much tough as people consider. Specially when you talk about a website for small business, it’s almost 4 step away from you.

In this tutorial, I will walk you step by step with the process on “How to create free website for small business “. This way you can create your own WP blog or website.

How to change Permalinks in WordPress for SEO? A Newbies Guide

If you have a visitor coming to see you at home, you’ll most certainly provide them with the address of your residence so they can reach you easily. In the internet sphere, permalinks are the addresses to web pages– they are the universal resource locator (URL) that direct visitors to a particular site, blog, file or post on the internet. In optimizing your site, you need to create user friendly and SEO inclined permalinks. It is often advised that you do this before adding posts or files to your site so as to avoid breakage of links that redirect visitors to an error 404 page. Here is how you can change permalinks on a new and old WordPress:

How to Setup WordPress – Complete Guide on WordPress Installation

Today the most famous content management system and blogging platform is known as WordPress. Surprisingly WordPress installation is really much simpler than thought. Several best WordPress web hosting companies provide installation within few clicks to their users. Mostly WordPress requires a few minutes to process all the installation procedure and you are all done with it. We bring this amazing WordPress installation tutorial to provide comprehensive WordPress installation instructions to all advanced users and beginners. In this tutorial, we will show you step by step process to install WordPress by using Softaculous, SimpleScripts and Fantastico for new users. In this exceptional tutorial, we will explain you manual installation of WordPress for our important users.

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