Register Domain + Web Hosting

Your Domain and Web Hosting contribute much part to get your most out of your website or blog. Do you wonder, what is domain and web hosting? It’s easy to understand.

Domain Registration

A domain name is also known as your website name. This is the same name which you put into your browser and call your website. Domain Names are registered/maintained by ICANN (An international organization to regulate domain names). Several domain name resellers or registrars work with ICANN to let users have seamlessly buy and configure domains.

Currently there are lot of companies out there to let you register your desired (available) domain name for your website or blog. Godaddy, Name Cheap and 1and1 are popular domain name registrars.

How to Find a Good Domain Name?

Finding a good domain name is critical part. You may want to find an easy to read and pronounceable domain name. Or you may want to go for something which is brandable. You can spend some time to search available domains which suite you well.


register domain names

Web Hosting

Once you have a domain name for your website or blog, you need to point that domain name to a remote computer called (Web Servers). These computers remotely host your website and when users around the globe try to browse your website/blog, The website is downloaded from that remote server to user’s browser.

Making it Simple for Newbies to Register Web Hosting

Fortunately, few web hosts have developed a cutting edge technology which also helps users to buy web hosting and start using it in simple 3 steps.

  1. Choose a Web Hosting Plans
  2. Choose a Domain Name
  3. Complete Your Order

They seamlessly do all technical sort of things which seems more techy to users. So now it’s time to get started with buying domain and web hosting for your website. To make it easy for all our readers, we are listing couple web hosts. These web hosts are dead popular in the market and hosting millions of websites for customers, around the globe.

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Web Servers

Best Domain + Web Hosting Companies

HostGator (Sells Domain+Hosting)

This is one of the best web hosts which host millions of website in her data centers, located in different locations in the world.

HostGator provides 3 step domain and web hosting registration. SIMPLE and EASY.


Bluehost (Sells Domain+Hosting)

BlueHost is a large Hosting provider and placed #2. This provider also let users buy/register domain name and web hosting with easy step by step with all configuration.


SiteGround (Sells Domain+Hosting)

This web host is a bit pricey, but this gives more value than it’s price. They have super sonic servers with rocket speed. Customers of SiteGround are always happy with their Speed, Security and Simplicity.

Web Hosting