How to Setup WordPress – Complete Guide on WordPress Installation

Today the most famous content management system and blogging platform is known as WordPress. Surprisingly WordPress installation is really much simpler than thought. Several best WordPress web hosting companies provide installation within few clicks to their users. Mostly WordPress requires a few minutes to process all the installation procedure and you are all done with it. We bring this amazing WordPress installation tutorial to provide comprehensive WordPress installation instructions to all advanced users and beginners. In this tutorial, we will show you step by step process to install WordPress by using Softaculous, SimpleScripts and Fantastico for new users. In this exceptional tutorial, we will explain you manual installation of WordPress for our important users.

You will find important and practical instructions to install WordPress on your computers like Mac, Linux, and Windows. We will show and share the important steps of WordPress installation for all our designers, developer, and beginners.

Important Considerations Before WordPress Installation?

First and very foremost, you will need a domain name before installing WordPress. At the same time, you will need a good web hosting company which knows WordPress. In this case, we recommend you to use HostGator as they are offering free domain as well as 50% off of their hosting plan, especially for intermediate WPBlogHelp users. No wonder HostGator is the most recommended hosting services supplier for WordPress.

Here we brought long and detailed tutorial for WordPress installation, thus it is better to use following navigation mentioned below to get your proper section in time.

Table of Contents

Install WordPress Using MOJO Marketplace

The famous MOJO Marketplace offers the simplest tool to install WordPress. There are numbers of hosting companies using their 1-click way to install WordPress. This installer system is integrated within their dashboard of cPanel. Here in this tutorial, we brought HostGator cPanel. For this, you need to simply login to your hosting account, then scroll down the section of the website and click on the dashboard of cPanel.


In the first step, you simply need to click on 1-click install or install WordPress icon. These both will take you to the marketplace MOJO, on this page, you will see the introduction to WordPress with the button of installation there. You simply need to click the install button to start processing.

Step #2: 

Then the MOJO Marketplace will then ask you query where you want to install WordPress. Now, simply you need to pick the domain name from the menu available dropdown with this you also need to click on the button, check domain.

Step #3:

After this, the system will then check all is fine, and the installer will show up the final step. Here you can check the box, which is next to the show advanced options to enlarge it further.

You will realize in a start that the installer or system of MOJO has given the title ‘My.Site’ to your site. This will be processing username same to your email address also it entered any random strong password for you. Nothing to worry about this you can easily change these settings whenever you want. There you can check the box of terms and conditions. After you are done with all these you should click on install now button.

After this installation will begin, though you will be able to see the installation progress in front of you. You will need to wait just for a few minutes on the same page this installation will hardly take a couple of minutes.

When the installation has completed, you will experience accomplish message along with the view credentials option there. You will view the message ‘you’ve successfully installed WordPress, click on the view credentials button’ now, go to the dashboard of MOJO Marketplace there you can scroll down to the notification center.

Step #4:

On this page, you will be able to see the success notice and installation status. There you will find links to your site along with admin area of WordPress with the username and password for your login.

WordPress Installation Using Softaculous

One of the most popular auto-installer scripts is Softaculous. This famous installer provides best options and most easy ways to install known web applications such as WordPress in just a few minutes. Several known hosting companies are using Softaculous in their control panel, few famous hosting companies are InMotion Hosting and SiteGround hosting.

Now you only need to login to your cPanel account where you can find the WordPress installer icon or Softaculous, you can easily get them within the section of auto installers.

Step# 1:

First, you need to click on these icons and you will get into the Softaculous installer for WordPress. Firstly, you will see the introduction of WordPress there, then you just need to click on the tab for installation to start processing.

Step# 2:

The auto-installer will now ask you where you want to install WordPress, in this situation you need to select HTTP:// or http://www. Like protocol. In case your site has HTTPS and SSL then you should choose https:// or https://www.

After this, you will need to select the domain name where exactly you want to install WordPress. For this, you need to scroll down a bit where you can see the section of site settings. After the section has opened, there you will need to set the title and description for the WordPress site you have. You can anytime change these settings or information from the admin area just after installation. Further next you will now need to select and set the email address, username, and password. However, the auto-installer, Softaculous automatically fill up all these fields for you instantly. This auto-installer would select a non-dictionary word as username along with a strong password. You can easily change them with your required anytime, but it is strongly recommended for you all to please choose a strong password.

Do not make mistake, ensure again that you will enter the right email address in the field of admin email. At this email address, WordPress will then send a password reset link and notification, in case you need it in future. However, the rest of the options on the page is optional, now you are all set to click on install button to start the installation.

Step# 3:

The auto-installer Softaculous will start the installer by using the given settings. You can see the installation progress right in front of you. You should not close the windows until the progress bar reaches to the 100% installation, this process will no longer take more than just a few minutes. You should not close the page or windows; it may affect the installation process.

Step# 4:

Just after the installation gets finished you can see the success message. At the same time on the same page, the installer shows you the link to your site along with a second link in the WordPress admin area.

WordPress Installation Using QuickInstall

There is another most famous auto-installer available which are used by several hosting companies nowadays, for example, HostGator hosting company. Here, we are showing you the cPanel dashboard by the HostGator hosting, but it is completely fine in case you are using any other hosting company that has QuickInstall.

First of all, you should login to your cPanel dashboard in your hosting account. After this simply scroll down the site and section of services and then simply click on the icon of QuickInstall there.

Step# 1:

Now you get on the page of QuickInstall and can see 1-click installer button. There you will see several installation offers for popular web application including WordPress. But you need to click on WordPress to start the installer.

Step# 2:

Now you will see the introduction to WordPress and get into the WordPress installer instantly. Now you just have to click the WordPress install button on the same page.

Step# 3:

Now the setup opens for WordPress installation settings. Here you need to select the first thing is a domain name. Now you need to enter the setting where you want to install WordPress, like if you want to install software in sub-directory such as So you should enter the blog in the installation field. In case you want to install WordPress in root directory like then so you should leave the field blank.

Now you need to enter the title for the site, do not worry, you can even change it later. Now next you should enter an email address, username, and password for your admin account. The installer asks you your first and last name for the admin username. Once you are done with the settings you just need to press the install WordPress option so that your installation gets started.

In this way, QuickInstall will instantly install software for you. You can see the progress of installation in the progress bar and also it appears success message when the installation is done.

After that, you need to click the icon mentioned below to see credentials button. The fly menu will appear along with all login credentials also there is a link to the admin area site at your newly installed WordPress.

WordPress Installation Using Fantastico

Fantastic is an average but useful auto-installer script used by few WordPress hosting suppliers. However, it is just the same as all the installer scripts listed in this list. Also, this installer is the comparison because it also offers the easiest way to install WordPress quickly.

Like all, you need to login first to your dashboard of cPanel, and then scroll down the software towards the section of services where you will find the icon of Fantastico.

Step# 1:

By clicking the icon of Fantastico you will get into the auto-installer script. There are some suppliers using the old version of fantastic, but in this tutorial, we are using the latest version of fantastico which is F3 version. So in case fantastico on your host look diverse than just relax. All the basic installation steps are almost same and you can easily follow them.

However, on the main fantastico you can find your web application on the left hand probably. You just need to press blogs where you will find several web applications including WordPress. Click on WordPress and it shows an introduction to WordPress along with an installation option.

Step# 2:

There you will see ‘click here to install WordPress’, just click on it and the auto-installer ask you to enter or set installation settings. Firstly domain name is the prior thing you need to enter so it analyzes where you will install WordPress.

In case you want to install software in sub-directory, then you should enter the directory name in the blank field. In another case leave the field blank. Within the section of administration details, you will need to enter information about the admin user account. Simply enter an email address, username, and password for the admin account of your WordPress. When you are done with settings, click the submit button.

Step# 3:

Now the auto-installer install WordPress for you as per the settings provided. You can see the installation progress, when the WordPress installation has completed, you will see the accomplish message.

WordPress Installation Using FTP

Manual installation WordPress is just the process of few minutes. Though manual WordPress installation has some added steps like you will have to FTP client for that first. Let’s start our beginner’s guide about how you can use FTP to upload the WordPress files.

You will need to download the latest version of WordPress and unzip the file first. FTP software is the right thing; you should use to upload the files into the directory of the web host as per your choice.

Step# 1:

In case you want to install software on root domain name such as, so you should upload the WordPress files in the root directory of your website. This directory is generally known as /public_html/. However, you want to install software in the subfolder like, then you need to upload WordPress file in the /public_html/blog/ folder.

When you are done with WordPress uploading then go to the control panel of your hosting site to create a database there. Here we are using cPanel web hosting to show you in this tutorial. You need to find the icon like these mentioned below in your cPanel.

Step# 2:

Now you can see the field to make a new database, now enter your database name and simply click on “Create Database”.

Step# 3:

As you have created a database but still MySQL want your username. This username will have all the access to do all actions on your created database. In the cPanel account on the page of MySQL databases, you need to scroll down to the user’s section in MySQL. Now simply enter the username and password for the new user and press the button ‘create a user’.

Step# 4:

As the new user, you still cannot access the database you have created earlier. To get complete access you will need to add the user to the database and grant them permission to do all actions.

For this, on the same database page within the cPanel account, you will need to scroll down again to the section ‘Add user to a Database’. Now you should select the user of the database from the menu given below, next to the user. Now just select the database and press the button “add”.

Step# 5:

Here you will be asked for all the privileges you can allow for this user. Now simply choose all privileges and press the button “Make changes”.

Now you are all set to run the WordPress installation. Now go to the URL, the place where you uploaded WordPress. Enter the domain name in the window browser if the WordPress installation is in the main domain. Domain name is like or

Now the page of language selection appears, and you can select the language here in this way the rest of installation process display in your language. However, you can use English as the language for now and you can change the language later.

Press continue button to proceed further.

Step# 6:

Now the page appears with the installation instructions, now WordPress ask you your database name, MySQL host information, and password.

Now simply click on the “let’s go” button after you are with all instructions of installations.

Step# 7:

Now WordPress will show you a form in which you are supposed to enter the database name you have created during start. Enter all the information properly and now click on the submit button on the form.

WordPress after this connect to your database and show you a success message.

You just need to click on the button ‘Run the install’.

Step# 8:

Now WordPress creates tables and then show you the next step of the installation.

Here you will need to enter some basic information so that the WordPress setup your website accurately. This information includes the title of the site, admin email address, username, and password.

In case you do want your site to appear to search engine then you should check the box which is next to visibility to search engine. In case you want to change this setting then you can change the settings of WordPress. In case you are confused what to do then leave it as it is.

Now simply click on the install WordPress button, then WordPress will set up your site and complete the installation process.

Step# 9:

You can experience the success message with your username, now you can easily login to your WordPress site by clicking on the login button.

Steps to Install a WordPress Multisite Network

WordPress comes with the built-in multisite functionality. This multisite is the network that offers the user to make multiple sites on WordPress by using the same install. This network can automatically make new sites in sub-folder and sub-domains.

This network is the perfect fit to sense non-profits, businesses, governments with sub-sites for different regions or locations. There are many educational institutions also used multisite network WordPress to help students and allow them to create their blogs.

However, the setup of multisite is the complicated little bit, but you can view our step by step tutorial on how to install a WordPress multisite network.

Install WordPress in Your Language

Yes, you can use WordPress in your language just as Mac, iPhone, Windows, and Android.

The most popular web software, WordPress is available in varieties of languages like Spanish, French, English, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Vietnamese, German, Chinese (Han), Portuguese, Hindi, Japanese, etc. you can easily select language during the installation of WordPress also you can change it through a settings» General page in the admin area of WordPress.

You can get your site on WordPress in multiple languages.

install WordPress on your PC

There are several beginners usually asking for us, have you tried WordPress on your computer? The Answer is yes, but intermediate beginners should avoid that.

The reason behind this is some people install software, WordPress within the local environment server to make plugins, themes or just to test things. In case you just want to a blog for other people so you should not install WordPress on your PC. The fact is if you install WordPress locally on your PC, then you are the only person can see the site.

If you want to make your WordPress site visible to all the world for this, you will a web hosting account and also you need to install WordPress by using any method we have mentioned in this tutorial above.

Instead, you want to install WordPress locally on your pc to learn about the development of themes, test plugins, etc. then you should do to increase your knowledge.

If you have a windows computer, then it is highly recommended to download and setup WAMP. In case you are using Mac so the best option is to download and setup Mamp.

Important Things to do After WordPress Installation

After the WordPress installation, there are few important things you should know.

  1. Choose and Install a Theme

Remember the important or visual appearance of your WordPress site is best controlled by the themes. There are varieties or thousands of themes available in the market for WordPress. As there are too many options, so it will be hard for beginners choose from. Therefore, we help or guide you in selecting the right or appropriate theme for WordPress.

Select the right theme help you better, and we regularly publish the best themes list in the showcase section.

  1. Installing and Using WordPress Plugins

Massive or huge collections of plugins are the real power of WordPress. These are the plugins help you and allow you to increase your site through adding different and new features and functionalities.

Roughly there are 40,000 free plugins in the plugin directory of WordPress itself. However, there are thousands of plugins from third party sites available, these are paid plugins.  In case you are not sure at which plugins to install so you need to see our section of WordPress plugins. You can check out the plugins we are currently using on this site at the blueprint of WPBlogHelp.

  1. Learn WordPress more and more

WordPress is the perfect and easiest to use with CMS nowadays. There are millions of people from all around the globe using it daily. Although you need less help time to time.

Final Verdict

We are highly hopeful that this WordPress installation tutorial really helps you out to install WordPress easily without any help. Therefore, we have covered all the important ideas and steps that help you much to install WordPress on your host.

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